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Not sure how many boxes you will have?

Truth be told!

No one ever knows how many packed boxes they will have on the removal day. It is always guess work. Unless you have moved before, and nothing has changed since the last move. Which rarely happens.

When you think about packed boxes on the day, remember this includes all smaller loose items, that cannot just be placed in the van/truck. 

Examples of these items are: books, plates, cups, DVDS, pillows, bedding, cutlery sets, toys, bathroom items, toasters, kettles, music speakers and so on, and so forth!  The list can go on forever! Hence the large number of boxes you will have on the actual moving day.

So please see our trusted packed box guideline below, which speaks from experience. 

Boxes guide line

If you live in a 1 bed  we expect to find 10–30 boxes 

If you live in a 2 bed we expect to find 30 –60 boxes 

If you live in a 3 bed we expect to find 60 – 90 boxes

If you live in a 4 bed we expect to find 90 – 130 boxes

If you live in a 5 bed  we expect to find 150 – 200 boxes


Over the years we have found these numbers to be true. There have been cases, where a 1 bed penthouse flat has had 50 boxes to be moved! Or a massive 2 bed house had 80 packed boxes due to the shed and loft items. Even a 3 bed house having over 100 packed boxes. 

Remember to have a good look around your house, think about why you are moving, is it because you have ran out of space? Have you had a new addition to the family? Are you downsizing and leaving a lot behind? If unsure, remember the fact that more is better than less space when it comes to removals. 

And try to have a good clear out before you move. That always helps!

We hoped this help. 

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