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  1. Do remember to disconnect/ un plumb washing machines & dish washers. Some removal companies can help with this, some cannot, to be safe, make sure this is done in advance. 
  2. When creating a list of items to be moved, also known as a removal inventory, do double and triple check you haven’t missed off the list, especially any big/large items in the house. We make it simple at As we have a large inventory list, and you can simply select what you have to move. Forgetting a box or bag or two, will not make a difference on the vehicle size needed.  But forgetting an American fridge freezer or a 4-seater sofa will!
  3. Arranging parking is a common thing most clients forget to do, if you don’t have a private drive way or designated parking space, please ensure to have visitor parking permits ready. These can be easily obtained from the local council. They are a short phone call away. If you see a parking attendant trying to give the driver, you can simply tell them you are moving, and be exempt of any fines or charges. 
  4. Did you know if have home/content insurance, it can cover you in some removal situations. Do make sure to contact your provides to find out more. 
  5. When buying packing materials we recommend using double wall medium boxes for fragile items, no bigger than 18x12x12 inches. And mark/label these fragile in big clear letters. Don’t forget to use plenty of bubble wrap when packing! Or you can ask one of our trusted partners to pack for you.
  6. Last and final tip, if you have unwanted bits of furniture use the website, it’s a great way to give back to the community and they even collect your unwanted bits in some cases, which will save you a trip to the dump. 

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